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Are You the One? SERIES Are You the One?

Pastor Brian Wangler

Worth the Wait? SERIES Worth the Wait?

Pastor Brady Thelander

Why Jesus Came SERIES Why Jesus Came

Pastor Kyan Glenn

Make Certain SERIES Make Certain

Make This Christmas Count
Week 5 - 12.24.17
Brian Wangler


Questions for Jesus

What if you had been alive when Jesus walked the earth? What if you were able to ask him one question? What would you ask? We’re looking

Worth the Wait?

Stand Alone Sermon - Jan 7, 2018

Why Jesus Came

Stand Alone Sermon - New Year's Weekend

Make This Christmas Count

We need Christmas. Let’s make THIS Christmas count.

Welcome Aboard

Welcome Aboard C1 – Partnered, unified and focused to make a difference in the world!

Playing For Keeps

Finding the formula for a win in the high-stakes game of life.