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Jochebed's Basket SERIES Jochebed's Basket

Pastor Brian Wangler

Life's Two Most Important Pursuits SERIES Life's Two Most Important Pursuits

How Life Works
Week 8 - 08.12.18
Pastor Bob Brown

What God Hates SERIES What God Hates

How Life Works
Week 7 - 08.05.18
Pastor Brian Wangler

Wise Words SERIES Wise Words

How Life Works
Week 6 - 07.29.18
Pastor Brian Wangler


Stand Alone Sermons

Weekends that “stand alone” as important in the life of the church.

How Life Works

We hope the light bulb comes on as we dive into the book of Proverbs.


It’s time to take inventory of the blessings of God. It’s time to Celebrate!


Jesus is alive, THEREFORE ___________. What follows “therefore” for you?


The cross demands we make a decision regarding Jesus. We can’t sit idle. May we be faithful at the crossroad.

Questions for Jesus

Questions for Jesus…His answers might change everything.