Stand Alone Sermons

Often in our worship services, we like to take people through a “series” of messages about a certain topic or theme. Every once in a while we have weekends the scheduled Teaching Pastor or Guest Speaker has the opportunity to speak about whatever God has put on their heart. These weekends “stand alone” as important in the life of the church and are referred to as Stand Alone Sermons.

Bury It SERIES Bury It

Pastor Brian Wangler

The Rhythm of Rest SERIES The Rhythm of Rest

Pastor Matthew Spear

The Way Forward SERIES The Way Forward

Pastor Bob Brown

The Wisdom of Listening SERIES The Wisdom of Listening

Pastor Matthew Spear

A Change of Perspective SERIES A Change of Perspective

Pastor Galen Ryman

Anthem of Hope SERIES Anthem of Hope

Pastor Matthew Spear

Running the Race of Life - Finishing Strong SERIES Running the Race of Life - Finishing Strong

Pastor Matthew Spear

The Lord Works (Psalm 103) SERIES The Lord Works (Psalm 103)

Pastor Brian Wangler

In the Name of the King SERIES In the Name of the King

Pastor Matthew Spear

Faith & Trust: In the Face of Doubt SERIES Faith & Trust: In the Face of Doubt

Pastor Matthew Spear

Forgetting Jesus SERIES Forgetting Jesus

Pastor Kyan Glenn

One Word Sermon SERIES One Word Sermon

Pastor Brady Thelander

Grace in the Ordinary SERIES Grace in the Ordinary

Pastor Evan Offutt

The Least of These SERIES The Least of These

Dr. Jeren Rowell

Jochebed's Basket SERIES Jochebed's Basket

Pastor Brian Wangler

The Crucible SERIES The Crucible

Pastor Brian Wangler

Worth the Wait? SERIES Worth the Wait?

Pastor Brady Thelander

Why Jesus Came SERIES Why Jesus Came

Pastor Kyan Glenn

Thanksgiving & Celebration SERIES Thanksgiving & Celebration


In Between SERIES In Between

Brian Wangler

86,400 Seconds SERIES 86,400 Seconds

Brian Wangler

God Over All SERIES God Over All

Kyan Glenn

Father God (Father's Day) SERIES Father God (Father's Day)

Brian Wangler

The Good Life SERIES The Good Life

Brady Thelander

God's Durable Love SERIES God's Durable Love

01.08.17 - Joe Lee

Jesus, Fully Human SERIES Jesus, Fully Human

01.01.17 - Kyan Glenn

Thanksgiving Service SERIES Thanksgiving Service


Unforgettable Worship SERIES Unforgettable Worship

10.09.16 - Brady Thelander

Cutting Edge SERIES Cutting Edge

09.04.16 - Brian Wangler

One Thing SERIES One Thing

07.31.16 - Brady Thelander

Fear SERIES Fear

07.24.16 - Grant Heckman

It Takes Courage SERIES It Takes Courage

06.12.16 - Dave Ludwig

Community SERIES Community

05.08.16 - Grant Heckman

Faith Promise SERIES Faith Promise

05.01.16 - Lindell and Kay Browning

Divine Pursuit SERIES Divine Pursuit

02.28.16 - Grant Heckman

Welcome To The Future SERIES Welcome To The Future

02.21.16 - Dr. Larry McKain

On Mission... Heart and Sole SERIES On Mission... Heart and Sole

02.14.16 - Brian Wangler

God Is Here SERIES God Is Here

1.3.16 - Kyan Glenn

God with Us SERIES God with Us

12.27.15 - Dave Ludwig

Gratitude SERIES Gratitude

11.22.15 - Brian Wangler

Costa Rica North Work & Witness Team SERIES Costa Rica North Work & Witness Team

10.17.15 - Pastor Johnny Calvo

Blessed Assurance SERIES Blessed Assurance

05.31.15 - Brian Wangler

The Table SERIES The Table

02.15.15 - Hal Perkins

Real Jesus / Real Help SERIES Real Jesus / Real Help

01.04.15 - Kyan Glenn

The Weekend After the First Christmas SERIES The Weekend After the First Christmas

12.28.14 - Dave Ludwig

Multiply SERIES Multiply

11.30.14 - Dr. Jerry Porter

Sanctuary SERIES Sanctuary

11.29.14 - Brian Wangler

Whose Image Are You? SERIES Whose Image Are You?

10.19.14 - Kyan Glenn

Consider It Pure Joy SERIES Consider It Pure Joy

10.12.14 - Dave Ludwig

Neighboring SERIES Neighboring

07.05.14 - Leroy Barber

Biker Sunday: Ursula's Testimony & Interview SERIES Biker Sunday: Ursula's Testimony & Interview

06.22.14 – Ursula Wachowiak

Biker Sunday: Watch and Listen SERIES Biker Sunday: Watch and Listen

06.22.14 – Brian Wangler

You've Got This SERIES You've Got This

06.15.14 – Brian Wangler

Hello, My Name Is... SERIES Hello, My Name Is...

06.08.14 – Grant Heckman

Defining Moments SERIES Defining Moments

06.01.14 - Dave Ludwig

Good Friday Service SERIES Good Friday Service

06.16.13 – Brian Wangler

One Lost Sheep SERIES One Lost Sheep

02.23.14 – Brian Wangler

God of Our Future: Revelation 1 SERIES God of Our Future: Revelation 1

02.16.14 - Dr. Dan Boone

It's Worth It SERIES It's Worth It

01.05.14 - Scott Sherwood

For Such A Time As This SERIES For Such A Time As This

12.29.13 – Kyan Glenn

Choose Your Chair SERIES Choose Your Chair

11.24.13 - Brian Wangler

Hindering God SERIES Hindering God

10.20.19 - Kyan Glenn

Neighbor is a Verb SERIES Neighbor is a Verb

10.19.13 - Nate Ledbetter

Center SERIES Center

09.01.13 - Tim Britton

Our Hands SERIES Our Hands

07.28.13 – Matt Robinson

Every Heart Has a Call SERIES Every Heart Has a Call

06.30.13 – Brian Wangler

How Far? SERIES How Far?

06.23.13 – Bob Brown

Heart & Soul SERIES Heart & Soul

06.16.13 – Brian Wangler