Never before in our history…since 1904, has the opportunity to change the world been more present nor more important! In a downward facing and thinking world, we are looking and stepping up! Welcome to Elevate! This is our time. In 2017 and 2018, by God’s grace and through His leading, we will take our next step up as a church in order to be faithful and effective to our calling.

We live in and around one of the most important cities in the world. Chicago and the suburbs are our calling. Your families and friends are whom we’ve been placed here to reach. Failure is not an option.

The Elevate Initiative outlines our vision for 2017 and 2018 and the funding it will require to make it a reality. Each person who calls C1 their church home is asked to prayerfully consider their next step in their generosity. Small steps can make a big difference if we take them together!

At C1, we know who we are and what God has called us to do. As we live out the power of FAITH, FAMILY, FRIENDSHIP, and FARTHER ALONG, we will develop new followers of Jesus who love God and serve others. The local church really is God’s “Plan A” and He doesn’t have, nor need a “Plan B.” We’re it. We’re the hands and feet of Jesus.

This, friends and members of C1, is how we change the world! 


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Weekly Highlight Videos

Unity - Week 1 Capacity - Week 2 Transformation - Week 3 Steps - Week 4

Commitment - Week 5 Leaders Go First