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Box 1: What I/We normally give per year. What was the total of your giving to C1 in 2019? Was this a “normal” year? Write this number/amount in the box.
Box 2: My/Our expanded generosity for Elevate. As you have processed this vision, what next step is God asking you to take as it relates to your generosity? Write this number/amount in the box.
Box 3: ADD boxes 1 and 2 and write the total in this box.
Box 4: The Elevate vision initiative is a 2-year vision. Box 3 above is giving for one year. Multiply that number by 2 to calculate a 2-year giving total.
Box 5: Gifts from stored resources. Has God asked you to give something He has blessed you with? Examples would be funds you have saved, stocks you own, a portion or percentage of expected business in the next two years, selling something and giving a portion or all of the proceeds, etc. Write this total or estimated amount in this box.
Box 6: My/Our 2-Year Elevate Commitment. ADD boxes 4 and 5. Write amount in this box. This is the total commitment goal for giving over to Elevate in the next 2 years.*